State Board of Education Vote: Next Steps

State Board of Education Vote: Next Steps

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The attempted removal of Education Commissioner Margie Vandeven failed on a 4-4 vote today at a special closed meeting of the State Board of Education. While some might consider this a victory, there are still important steps you can take to make sure students have a priority over politics before the next board meeting on Dec. 1.

As educators, we need to continue to share with State Board of Education members that we understand the dangerous outcomes of attempting to politicize a group meant to be independent and non-partisan. Another possible vote to remove Commissioner Vandeven could negatively affect Missouri education as a whole.

Dr. Margie Vandeven has served as a positive and successful influence in moving Missouri schools forward. She continues to put students’ needs first, collaborating with teachers and families to provide a quality education across Missouri.

Missouri’s public schools should not be a pawn for political games. Don’t allow Missouri education to become a showpiece for the worst form of personal politics. Help us stop the erosion of independence vital to the State Board of Education functioning the way the Missouri Constitution was designed to protect.

Please continue to contact the State Board of Education, as well as your elected officials and let them know that Dr. Vandeven has been a valuable asset to moving education forward. Allowing partisan politics to dominate the State Board of Education harms Missouri’s students, families and communities.


  1. Robert Vogelaar

    Thank you for your voice of advocacy on behalf of our profession.

  2. Darbie Valenti

    Your guidance in helping unite teachers across Missouri to be more collective in our efforts is greatly appreciated! Thank You!

  3. Beth Nanneman

    Glad the vote failed. Need to continue in a positive direction for kids and teachers.

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